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Draguse / Le Bijou D-Amour

Commissioned to write an erotic novel, and finding himself blocked, an author (Olivier Mathot) rented an old mansion for inspiration. He'd get more than he counted on, courtesy of a mysterious muse (Monica Swinn) who appeared every evening to regale him with sensual tales. Patrice Rhomm's "Draguse" co-stars Erika Cool. Then, in Rhomm's "Le Bijou D'Amour," a writer (Jacques Manteil) who acquired a purported antique ring of Casanova's finds his love life on the uptick... but at a price. Brigitte Lahaie, Danielle Troger co-star. 170 min. Total. Widescreen; Soundtrack: French; Subtitles: English. In French with English subtitles.

Released:May 25, 2022
Length:2 hrs. 50 mins.

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